May 27, 2018

#887. Used heavy machinery special site with Japanese inspection!

     ”ALLSTOCKER” dealing with only machineries guaranteed by the Japanese government, satisfies buyers.

“ALLSTOCKER” deals in various types of used vehicles such as excavators, wheel loaders, dozers and cranes. The quality of each heavy machine needs to be confirmed by the prefectural government, and it seems to be the biggest advantage for customers. In Japan, every vehicle running on the public road has to be met inspection standards once in every certain period and the company deals with only certified vehicles. So, the buyers can exclude the risk of purchasing the dubious cars with no quality verification by the government so that the company secures the customers’ sense of relief and boosting their sales.


Comments from Organizer

"ALLSTOCKER" has successfully wiped out foreign customers' concerns about quality of used vehicles with Japanese original shaken system, a strict car inspection system, which led to its expansion in business.