March 06, 2018

#845. World No.1 manufacturer of hoisting machine!

     The world’s No1 maker focuses on the production of hoist which has easy handling and mobility with their light weight and a simple structure and  has over 60% market share in Japan, 50% in Canada and 40% in the US!

The company specializes in manufacturing the hoist which has a feature of easy handling with light weight. Their technology is highly appreciated and their original service responding to customers’ needs in designing and assembling custom-made products is famous as well. Their technology is sustained by the fact that they manufacture and assemble most of their products at their own factories. They have downsized their old-style products by one-third in volume and successfully developed a set of radio system and hoist which can be used for about 150 hours continuously.

Yamanashi Prefecture & Tokyo

Comments from Organizer

The company's strong point lies in their in-house production rates of parts. They mostly assemble their products at their own factories, which has gained a feeling of trust from their customers.