January 09, 2018

#807. Only one company in the world of super precision polishing processing!

     More than 3000 companies from inside and outside of Japan count on the company’s super precision polishing technology.

The company has been accumulating their original knowledge focusing on the super precision polishing technology which is now considered as the world top level. The precision polishing technology, the technology to polish materials in nanometer, is indispensable in many industries where the polishing accuracy is required. Manufacture industries of semiconductor, liquid crystal display, medical equipment and optical instrument especially demand super precision polishing technology to polish both plane and curved surface materials. They have over 3000 internal and external customers. Here is one example of their extensive business. During manufacturing process of a golf club head, their technology is utilized to polish the surface very precisely and increase the accuracy of the shot.

TDC Corporation
Miyagi Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The company's motto is not to say "impossible". They boastly say that they really welcome unreasonable demands. They seem to be an expert in settling the issues through their super precision polishing technology.