November 10, 2017

#765. Enterprises that have advanced to the world with proprietary technologies of gasification and liquid fuels of biomass!

     Companies in which compact dispersed biomass power generation technology developed independently has attracted attention not only in Japan but also abroad!

This company has original technology of gasification and biomass gasification and liquid fuels, and the small dispersion type power generation system using this technology attracts attention from inside and outside the country. This company considers the main market of the developed small dispersion type biomass power generation to be Southeast Asia and establishes Asia Biomass Pte. Ltd. in a joint venture with a local company in Singapore in 2013. It is expected to contribute to the prevention of global warming and the construction of a sustainable society both inside and outside of the country.

Biomass Energy Corporation
Nagasaki Prefecture, Tokyo

Comments from Organizer

The company's strengths are the proprietary technology of gasification and liquefaction of biomass built in cooperation with research institutes of various fields.