November 09, 2017

#764. Electric scooter and electric tricycle maker “Terra Motors” developed in Japan show amazing growth in Asian market!

     “Terra Motors” leading Electric Vehicle with high technology and contributing to the global environment!

“Terra Motors” is a young company founded in 2010, but it is rapidly growing the share of electric scooters and electric tricycles developed in the world-renowned Japanese technology in Asia. Electric scooters and electric tricycles are manufactured in Vietnam and India, and the main markets are India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Philippines. High reliability and low prices of goods have been successful, and sales in the Asian market are expected to increase more than 10 times in the future.

Terra Motors Corp.

Comments from Organizer

This company launched a new company "TERRA DRONE", which will develop and sell drone in March 2016. Although they are a new comer, they plan to differentiate it from the preceding drone company by developing and offering excellent apps.