December 05, 2016

#528. The only company of marine propulsion equipment which is able to manufacture every type of ship’s propeller!

         With an amazing craftmanship, the world’s only maker which is capable of manufacturing the largest propeller of more than 12 meters in diameter and the small one for pleasure boat as well. 

The company has a top share in the propeller manufacturing industry. It is the only company in the world that can provide a wide range of products, from the largest propeller of 12 meters to 20 centimeters in diameter. When the propeller rotates at a high speed, bubbles are normally generated on the surface of the propeller. If there is some ruggedness on the surface, bubbles hit the part and reduce the durability of the propeller. So the company needs experienced skillful workers to polish and make the surface even. They are skillful enough to find slight unevenness of 1/100 mm and make it even by polishing. These workers have been contributing to the company’s over the 20 years’ success in manufacturing ship’s propellers.