October 11, 2016

#475. Specialized maker of food slicer which always monopolizes topics!

         Amazing cutting technology of food slicer company is a hot news in food industry! Original slicing technology achieves energy saving as well as bringing out the best taste of foods.

The company is well-noted for dealing with a wide selection of food slicer such as a small-sized slicer used in a store or in a kitchen and a large one used for mass-processing. They obtain excellent results in various places. It is also well-known that every new product they have released was picked up in the media so far. Their original slicing technique to bring out the good tastes of foods is the technology that other companies can not copy.

Saitama Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The company is not only pursuing the technology of slicing a foodstuff swiftly, but the technology of bringing out the good tastes of foods. They are highly appreciated.