September 22, 2016

#460. World’s No.1 “kanikama” manufacturer!

         The world top maker of the machine to make crab kamaboko (boiled fish paste) looking just like a genuine crab for! Technique to open our eyes wide on a machine maker making the crab kamaboko of 70% of world shares!

This company develops a maker of imitation crab (KANIKAMA) and is the world top maker of 40 years. Kani-Kama made with the latest machine twines closely and is thin fiber, and it’s very close to realistic crab fiber and we don’t also know which is which compared with the real thing. As for the kanikama, a kanikama maker of this company makes an outstanding performance in extreme popularity as materials such as the seafood salad in Europe.

Yanagiya Machinery Co., Ltd.
Yamaguchi Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The area where a Kani-Kama producing machine of this company plays an active part would spread widely across all over the world increasingly with the background of the health-consciousness.