September 12, 2016

#452. No. 1 robot maker in the world!

         Industrial robot “MOTOMAN” equipped with marvelous modern technology to be surprised at “Wow, you did it!”. Surprising robot which the world top maker of the industrial robot developed!

This company is a leading manufacturer of industrial robots and the largest producer in the world. Robot equipped with the latest technology “MOTOMAN” is an excellent arm robot forward tip of the evolution, shows a performance beyond the imagination and fine motor movements, such as human and beautifully reproduced. They’re covering various work with to choose option parts and are contributing to profit improvement of an introduced enterprise big.

Fukuoka Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

Of course, as for the one which the way of work of "MOTOMAN" is speedy and correct, it features possible work by wide range. Therefore, there should be surely a place of the activity of "MOTOMAN" in your company and should contribute to improvement of the profit.