August 16, 2016

#421. Great technical “TOKI” that laser instrumentation & measurement is possible using a drone instantly by the topography from the sky!

         Wonderful technological “TOKI” of the laser measurement the topography under the tree can also measure correctly by drone.

This company is the company where the investigation measurement for which a helicopter was used is with a good record of performance, but innovative laser measuring apparatus “TOKI” using drone has been developed. The surface data from which a tree grows can also acquire the drone loading type laser measuring apparatus “TOKI” and can acquire the three dimensions information that is more highly precise than a conventional aviation laser measurement.

Nakanihon Air Service CO.,LTD.
Aichi Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

"TOKI" will be used in the wide situation including the topography measurement at the time of surveying and the disaster at a place having difficulty in access of the person.