July 11, 2016

#391. Cutting dies that punch even the space suit of material was surprised in the world!

         The great master’s work astonishing to the world which doesn’t have anything which can’t be punched.

Cutting dies of this company can punch the carbon fiber plastic to boast of strength more than 10 times of Kepler fiber and iron used for a bulletproof jacket with the thing which let the blacksmith manufacturing method that is a Japanese old traditional technique and an original technique fuse to. The three-dimensional cutting dies production to overturn the common sense of the industry is realized. Though it’s a homemade knife, cutting dies of this company has the sharp sharpness which can correspond to 3/100 millimeters of precision and the durability which isn’t in other knives, and there are no 99% of nicked parts of an edge.

Kagawa Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The quality of cutting dies leads to the quality of product. Cutting dies of this company has complete set of the sharpness, the closeness and the durability. This is really unique.