July 09, 2016

#390. The monorail which they developed for transportation of the agriculture makes a big success!

         The monorail which they specialized it for transportation of the agriculture, and set hard labor free from a farmer!

This company is specialized for agriculture in the market which is a niche, and development has produced a monorail for conveyance. They succeed in catching the needs of the scholar of agriculture now and have an excellent reputation in an overwhelming share in Japan. Because it can convey the crops easily from the orchard in the steep slope of the mountains, this monorail helps the hard labor cancellation of the farmer. This company is also working on the development of “assist suit for agriculture” in which a person can carry a heavy thing later.

Okayama Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

They narrow down a monorail for company's conveyance to only a market for the agriculture, and it is the secret of the success of this company to have got the heart of the farmer.The monorail of this company will come to be used from now on in the spot of agriculture of the world.