June 16, 2016

#377. High-quality knit material processed with the world’s first technology!

     “RaYS” is a very unique upscale knit material, which is washable and prevents pilling from arising.

Countless numbers of scaly substance named “scale” exist on the surface of the wool. According to the humidity, these scales open and shut to offer wearers comfortability. But scales easily get tangled up and become pilling. To utilize functionality of wool origin, “RaYS” was invented with the world’s first technology. It is an innovative material which does not cause pilling and washable.

Sato Seni Co.Ltd
Yamagata Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

Traditionally, we were using chemicals to dissolve scales or applying resin coating to prevent pilling. "RaYS" is a remarkable knit material which was successfully made without using a toxic substance like chlorine and without losing the scales.
The luxury knit material is likely to be used widely in the world.