May 12, 2016

#353. Groundbreaking water base pen can be peeled off after use!

         Paint drawn with Masking Color, very unique water base paint, can be peeled off after dried up.

Wherever and whatever you pain, you can remove and stick it as you like after drawing with this magical pen. As you can peel off the drawing very cleanly and easily, it is suitable for seasonable window displays. You can rewrite very easily in case you do not like the writing or fail to write and it is harmless for human body because of water base paint. Masking Color is now a big hit in Japan.


Comments from Organizer

First, Masking Color was suggested for industrial use like auto-makers, but the sales did not increase so much. However, they changed their aim at the general consumers, it became a major hit product. When we come to a standstill, it may be a better way to shift our perspective.