May 09, 2016

#350. Magical knitting machine has capability of seamless knitting in a short time!

    Amazing knitting machine has achieved three-dimentional seamless knitting.

The company is the leading maker in the field of three-dimentional seamless knitting called “Whole garment” whose technology enables the total seam-free knitting. Its comfort to wear and fashionability captured people’s hearts. The company’s flagship knitting technology is chosen by well-known fashion brands across the world because the knitting accuracy to the original designs is properly appreciated as well as the amazing hi-speed knitting ability. Their original computer system has made it possible. Their internal production system including developing and manufacturing various parts and systems is unrivaled.

Wakayama Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

Once you input an order into the machine to knit your own designed sweater and press the Start button, your original sweater will be completed while you are eating your meal. This magical knitting machine can be utilized in various types of businesses to improve the ability to attract customers and to add value to the products.