April 21, 2016

#342. The small nurse light which is full of advantages in spite of being only 69 grams!

         The small nurse light which is full of the advantages that adopted organic electroluminescence illumination!

They developed a small nurse light of weight only 69 grams that they tried to meet their needs of miniaturization and the lightweighting at the healthcare fields. Because they adopted the organic electroluminescence illumination that is gentle and near to natural light for a source of light, it is easy to discover the abnormality such as the complexions without disturbing the sleep of the patient. Besides, an advantage to last a long time is popular with many nurses and is introduced in various medical facilities.

Takahata Electronics Corporation.
Yamagata Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

A watch and shoes produced for a nurse get popularity with high utility that omitted a useless function in the general market. It has a possibility to spread through the larger general market in this nurse light over the healthcare field.