March 24, 2016

#330. A shirt manufacturer chosen as America’s Best Men’s Stores 100!

        The Japan-made shirt captured American people’s hearts!

Because of its high quality shirts, the shirt maker was chosen as America’s Best Men’s Stores 100 of  the GQ.  The moment you put your arm through the sleeve, you will be surprised to feel comfortable to wear and notice that you are charmed by its carefully selected smooth material. In addition, expert craftsmen care about hidden parts and tailor them with a beautiful sewing method not to be frayed. They have already opened two overseas outlets in New York and gained lots of customers there.

Kamakura Shirts
Kanagawa Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The founder of this company opened his small shirt shop 20 years ago, but now he became a famous entrepreneur after sticking to his customer-oriented business philosophy since then.