March 22, 2016

#329. Astonishing three-dimensional processing technology achieved the world No1 access video in You Tube!

      You Tube video of the three-dimensional processing technology gave shock to the world.

When the You Tube video was updated showing how the metal helmet is being created with the full use of 5-axis 3D Machining , it recorded the overwhelming number of access. It proved that the company has the surprising technology in the world. The company is based on the advanced technology built up in the world-leading production of racing parts where people are competing for 1/1000 seconds and its elite engineers to support their technology also on their cutting edge devices. They are now working on the production of various value-added precise parts such as next-generation car parts and up to aerospace parts.

Saitama Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

Anyway, please take a look at the You Tube video. It represents all about this company.