March 21, 2016

#328. The world’s best pot to bring out the taste and nutrition of the foods!

      The ultimate waterless cooking pot to bring out food’s original flavor and nutrition!

The waterless enamel cooking pan named “Vermicular” is the ultimate cooking production to bring out original taste of foods. The products are so popular so that you must await your turn to purchase them after ordering. Secrets of their popularity are below.
* Because of its airtightness, the pot seals original flavor and nutriment of foods in it and the seasoning is almost unnecessary.
* All you have to do is to put the ingredients in this pot, puts the lid on it and put it on a fire.

Aichi Dobby, LTD.
Aichi Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

Advanced craftmanship is required to keep high airtightness with an enamel pan. The company has been making use of their cultivated accurate technology in the production of precision machine parts.