February 12, 2016

#306. The revolution of socks, surprisingly comfortable 3D socks!

   It just fits the foot which makes the person who wore it a captive and am the revolutionary 3D socks which is hard to be worn-out.

They pursue shape and ease of wear of the foot thoroughly. The revolutionary 3D socks which fit a foot and are hard to be worn-out are extreme popularity in spite of a heavy price. The company also change the design and materials, and are developing the original brand “FOOT MAX” for different purposes like the bicycle road race, marathon, rock climbing, climbing and so on. They have gained overwhelming support from many athletes.

Cooma Co. Ltd.

Comments from Organizer

This company has a history of specialized for 90 years to socks manufacturing. Experience and skills obtained from this history has become a point that is not imitated in other absolutely. Socks are worth wearing once.