January 24, 2016

#286. Manufacturer of Ultra Fine Bubble!

         The world pays attention to the possibility of the bubble of the nano size that is shorter than a wavelength of the light and great power of invisible bubbles” Ultra Fine Bubbles”.

This company is a manufacturing technology company in Ultra Fine Bubbles which attracts this world world’s attention now. The following utilization is considered for the power this Ultra Fine Bubbles has, and it comes to practical use.
* Effluent treatment: A microorganism is activated and organic matter in the polluted water is taken apart quickly without a chemical staff.
* Washing: You can wash to the small gap by its small size and the sea level activated effect without detergent.
* Agriculture: When the water which made Ultra Fine Bubbles including oxygen get mixed is used, vegetable growth is promoted.
* the aqua farming world: It’s confirmed that the fish fed on water including Ultra Fine Bubbles grows up bigger than usual.
Additionally utilization is expected of the field of the improvement of water quality and the stock breeding.