November 21, 2015

#265. The world’s thinnest yarn silk fabric ”Fairy Feather”!

         People in the fashion industry keep their eyes on the company’s original yarn-dyed silk fabric which defies imitation.

It is the world’s thinnest and lightest silk fabric woven from the ultra-thin raw silk which is six times thinner than a hair. After spending several years, the company has developed its original technique and succeeded in weaving the fabric with threads from ultra-shin silk. Without relying on the handwork, the company’s technique enabled machine production and prompt responses to various orders from customers. One of the prominent designers unveiled the wedding dress woven from “Fairy Feather” and shocked the world. After that incident, the world’s thinnest yarn silk fabric burst onto the scene.

Saiei Orimono Co., Ltd.
Fukushima Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

If the unprecedented fabric appear in the market, a series of novel art works or products appear on the scene. It is the first-rate material,
but the dress woven with thread from these special silk fiber always surprise the customers.