December 05, 2014

#89. Commercial electric bike!

      Ultimate business electric motorcycle “BIZMO Ⅱ” sale from top runner of electric motorcycle.

Zero CO2 emissions. High stability when we loaded it with baggage-Cruising range of 150 km. Compared to a typical engine scooter,  the gasoline costs about 1/15.  Compared to A usual battery, it’s equipped with a battery for the original development which lasts five time long.


Comments from Organizer

The hallmark of this electric bike is significantly reduce fuel costs. It becomes easy to go towards a customer to offer a product and service at lower cost from business to wait for a customer by existing selling over the counter. In addition, the business that gave new delivery service is possible. The delivery service is not a thing only for delivery pizzas. The market of this field is infinite. Of course, It helps the environmental problem solution of the city. TERRA MOTORS is recruiting overseas dealer.
It is a good opportunity widening your business now.