November 29, 2014

#87. Refrigerator of freshness long-lasting!

  Refrigerator “Kuraban” which makes the freshness of meat or a fish last long wonderfully!

The special refrigerator which can hold 3-10 times the freshness of food as compared with the conventional refrigerator. A technique that the temperature in the refrigerator is below the freezing point, but to make a state to let a particle in food such as meat, a fish, the fruit vibrate, and not to freeze and keep the freshness.Furthermore, food can be aged, with freshness kept.

MARS Company
Gunma Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

Only even to think a little, you will be able to raise some of the ways to use this innovative refrigerator. For example, I used to aging of steak meat. To please the customer by providing delicious fruit out of season. It stocks with a large amount at the harvest time when the price is low and the stocking cost is downed, and it preserves for a long period with this refrigerator, and it offers it to a lot of customers by a reasonable price. If it is you, it is sure to have a more wonderful idea.