January 30, 2020

#1167. A water saving faucet that continues to increase sales!

     The world’s remarkable water-saving power and strong cleaning power, the world’s magic nozzle “Bubble 90” saves the world’s water shortage!

“Bubble 90” is a magic nozzle boasting a maximum water saving rate of 95%. In addition, it has strong cleaning power. It saves 90% of water on average with no power, and the water that blows like a bullet of a machine gun demonstrates strong cleaning power. In addition, the water faucet with sensor allows water to be put out and stopped without contact and in a sanitary manner. For this reason, it is being adopted not only in restaurants that are sensitive to food hygiene but also in hospitals and nursing homes. “Bubble 90” has become a huge hit with a total of 200,000 sold in Japan, but is currently attracting attention from countries around the world, and inquiries are inundated.