October 14, 2019

#1153. Innovative drone “4D GRAVITY” which is overcoming the conventional drone’s weaknesses!

     Next-generation drone “4D GRAVITY” that overcomes wind sensitivity, crashworthiness, short flight time, slow flight speed with innovative centroid control technology!

“4D GRAVITY” is a drone with innovative cetroid control technology, that the world pays attention. It is a next-generation industrial drone that completely overcomes the weaknesses of conventional drone, such as wind sensitivity, crashworthiness, short flight time and slow flight speed . “4D GRAVITY” is not a one-piece structure that used until now, but it has separate components for flying and handling, and each has an independent structure. As a result, they succeeded in acquiring overwhelming centroid stability. This high cetroid stability overcomes the weakness of conventional drones, and is called the next-generation industrial drone. “4D GRAVITY” is expected to be active in various industrial fields as a working drone that requires today’s industry.