December 03, 2018

#1031. The loose nut “FUJILOK U – NUT” that continues to advance strongly in the world!

     In Japan, domestic motorcycle industry boasts an overwhelming share of 80%, locking nut “FUJILOK U – NUT” for safety and security!

“FUJILOK U – NUT” is the world ‘s first loose – prevention nut developed in 1962. Since then, they have continued to improve product variations and increase product variations, and today they boast overwhelming market share. Today, it is becoming widely recognized in the world, and in many countries they have increased the number of manufacturers that adopt “FUJILOK U – NUT”. The difference between “FUJILOK U – NUT” and ordinary nut is that the special spring called “metal ring loosening stop function” is attached to the top of the nut and attached. “FUJILOK U – NUT” provides safety and security to customers and manufacturers.