November 07, 2018

#1012. Innovative low-cost filtration equipment adopted by more than 6000 companies in the world without filter!

     Maintenance-free filtration device “FILSTAR” which filters only with water flow without using industrial filter!

“FILSTAR” is an innovative filtration device that filters metallic pieces and so on with only water flow without using industrial filters. The world was surprised to drastically reduce costs by not having to use a filter. Moreover, because there is no filter, maintenance is unnecessary, and industrial waste of the used filter is not issued. “FILSTAR” is a masterpiece that rotates water with a pump, separates metal pieces and the like by centrifugal force and causes it to settle on the bottom of the equipment, and also can remove 10 micrometer fine metal powder. Already, many manufacturers all over the world have switched the conventional filter type filtration device to this “FILSTAR”.