October 25, 2018

#1000. High performance solder “KR-19” used in American aerospace industry!

     A high performance solder “KR-19” designated by NASA which is also used for the launch of the space shuttle in 1982 without soldering defects!

“KR-19” is a solder which was adopted as a space shuttle manufacturing as a high – performance solder without soldering defect. Since then, Rockwell International, Hughes Aircraft, Boeing Electronics, Ford Aerospace and others are entering this company and using “KR-19” solder with resin. In addition, large companies in the world such as GM, Volvo, Ford, Texas Instruments, Motorola etc are adopting absolute credit. If “KR-19” is used, soldering failure will not occur and soldering performance will be excellent, so the production efficiency will rise significantly. It also eliminates failures and increases customer confidence in the product.