February 21, 2018

#836. A wonder paper “LIMEX” with water resistance exceeding paper, without tearing!

     A new material paper “LIMEX” replacing paper and plastics around the world!

“LIMEX” is a new material paper that was developed in 2013 and replaces traditional paper and plastic. “LIMEX” of the material made from limestone is currently steadily increasing its production volume for the following reasons.

・It hardly uses the water in process of manufacture
・Raw material is not a tree so it is environmentally friendly
・The durability and water resistance more than the we expect
“LIMEX” acquires a patent in 43 countries of the world or is applying. It will be certain that It sweeps over the world as a new paper material.

TBM Co., Ltd.

Comments from Organizer

"LIMEX" overturned the traditional paper concept, and various uses have been devised. Depending on your idea, it is possible to extend the usage of this new material paper "LIMEX". Also, there is a big business opportunity.