October 10, 2019

#1152. A container type transportable independent power supply that can generate by wind, water, and solar light!

     “N3 N-CUBE” utilizes natural energies and generate and store electricity. It’s a revolutionary emergency power supply unit which does not require fueling!

“N3 N-CUBE” is a container type tansportable independent power supply that can generate and store electricity from three types of natural energy (wind, water, and solar light). At the time of disaster, “N3 N-CUBE” can be transported by truck, cargo ship, or helicopter to the afflicted area where power supply became difficult, and install it quickly with a small number of people. By installing the “N3 N-CUBE” in each region on a daily basis, it can quickly generate electricity in the event of disaster. It can recharge smartphones and use small home appliances and able to deliver warm drinks and foods. Furthermore, ”N3 N-CUBE” is a independent power supply which utilizes natural energies. Therefore refueling is not required not like a normal emergency generator.