October 07, 2019

#1151. A practical biomass plant technology which enables local production!

     Innovative small-scale biomass plant technology which enable local production for local consumption of energy and realize a recycling-oriented society.

Produce hydrogen gas and electricity by using the organic waste from the agriculture and livestock industries and food processing industry in the area you live in and consume within the area. This company has the world’s first revolutionary technology that enables the realization of recycling-oriented society. This company succeeded to miniaturization of the plant using innovative technology. As a result, it produce hydrogen without heat loss which enable to improve the efficiency dramatically. Also it has became easier to install the plant for each towns and villages. To install huge plants, it requires a large area and costs, but if small-scale plant, it can be easily installed to small towns, and local production local consumption can be realized. Furthermore, the regional economic revitalization can be expected due to the production of energy.

Japan Blue Energy Co., Ltd.

Comments from Organizer

The reason this company‘s plant draws attention is that it reduces the cost for waste disposal and at the same time it create the value such as hydrogen energy.