September 10, 2019

#1141. An innovative paint created from space development!

     Coating of 1 mm of paint, “GAINA“, containing special ceramic beads shuts off heat transfer!

“GAINA” is a revolutionary paint with a high energy saving effect that is blended with special ceramic beads that were born from space development. It is effective for both heat and cold, and has soundproof and deodorant effects. Because “GAINA” is diverted from the technology of the insulation paint used for the rocket tip part as a civilian application, it retains high technology and high durability and reliability. Because of these reasons and the possibility of recovery of repainting costs due to energy saving effects, it is used in many public facilities and general housing. “GAINA” is also selected as a paint supplier because it is noncombustible and does not contain substances harmful to the human body.