August 19, 2019

#1128. A revolutionary solution to the global waste disposal problem, “Water Plasma System Engineering”!

     The world’s savior “Water Plasma System Engineering”, which can reduce the cost of waste disposal and reduce harmful gases generated!

The major problem facing the world today is the waste disposal problem. Water Plasma System Engineering is attracting attention as a major contributor to the solution. Usually, gas is used to generate plasma, but water plasma is literally used in water plasma. This not only reduces costs but also has the benefit of suppressing the generation of harmful gases as the waste is evaporated with heat of 10,000 ° C. The 10,000 ° C heat can evaporate any waste. In addition, they have established technology to utilize hydrogen contained in the expectation after evaporating the waste.

Helix Co., Ltd
Kanagawa Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

Disposal of waste with “Water Plasma System Engineering” costs about one-tenth the conventional cost. It is the savior of the world's waste disposal.