July 22, 2019

#1110. The best toilet made with the latest technology, “NEOREST NX”!

     A clean toilet filled with cutting-edge technology, the amazing wonder of Washlet, “NEOREST NX“!

“NEOREST NX” is a washlet toilet bowl that has evolved to the highest level. The latest toilets filled with cutting-edge technology are now acclaimed. This latest toilet is beautiful in its shape and functionally uses the following unique technology.

・ We spray sanitation water and disinfect bacteria every time we use and control dirt and smell
– The surface of the pottery is finished with a special glass layer, so it is resistant to dirt and easy to fall off
・ They adopted dirt completely new form which lost the back of dirt, and dirt became hard to gather.
・ Uses a tornado water flow that generates its own whirlpool to efficiently wash the toilet bowl with a small amount of water efficiently
Besides this, it is full of the latest proprietary technology.