October 04, 2018

#986. Epoch-making Electoroporation device “NEPA21 Super Electroporator” which lets a study of the life science accelerate at a stretch!

     Devices attracting attention from universities and research institutes around the world, electoroporation device “NEPA21 Super Electroporator” to promote genome editing!

“NEPA21 Super Electroporator” is a revolutionary device to carry out the Electoroporation method. Electoroporation method is a method of introducing molecules such as DNA into cells of living organism by puncturing the cell membrane with electric pulse. It is an indispensable technique for life science research and genome editing. “NEPA21 Super Electroporator” eliminates the expensive exclusive reagent required by the conventional Electoroporation method. In addition, it realizes high introduction efficiency and contributes to acceleration of research speed. It is the most attractive Electoroporation device that is planned to be introduced by universities and research institutes around the world. In addition to lowering the cost, “NEPA21 Super Electroporator” which increases efficiency is a device that any laboratory in the world has been waiting for.

Nepa Gene Co., Ltd.
Chiba Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

High performance of "NEPA21 Super Electroporator" is briefly indicated by "High Transfection Efficiency & High Viability WITHOUT Special Buffers" which is the catch phrase of this device.