October 10, 2017

#747. “Aqualift” which is most used in Japan as a water quality / bottom quality improvement agent of garden pond!

     Achievement No. 1 “Aqualift” maintaining the health of cultured fish and breeding fish and improving water quality!

In Japan, fish are raised in more than 13,000 gardens and individual garden. It is “Aqualift” that keeps the fish healthy and is most widely used as a water quality improvement agent for ponds. “Aqualift” is a reliable biologic product developed from the achievement of this company’s water quality management for more than 25 years. It is also used as an essential water quality improver in many fish farms on land.

Aqua-Service Co., Ltd.
Fukuoka Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

There are an increasing number of people breeding Nishikigoi as ornamental fish overseas, and interest in improving water quality is rising. "Aqualift" will surely respond to the demands of these people.