June 19, 2017

#680. “Rotary Heat Engine” which changes discarded low temperature heat into electricity energy!

     A dream energy re-generator “Rotary Heat Engine” that generates electricity from a low temperature heat source!

The groundbreaking point of the “Rotary Heat Engine” is that it can be used even at low temperature heat sources of 40 to 95 ° C, which had been regarded as difficult to reuse until now, and that it can operate efficiently even at low pressure. It is a device that can recycle waste heat and reuse it as it has never before been in terms of high thermal efficiency, high safety and space saving. Since “Rotary Heat Engine” reuses the waste heat that we have thrown away, it is attracting attention also in the high cost performance.

Da Vinci Co., Ltd
Nara Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

"Rotary Heat Engine" requires a small installation area of only 2 m². Even in terms of being space-saving and installable anywhere, It can be said that it is a device with a high penetration rate.