November 01, 2016

#496. Fire-extinguishing agent “Miracle Foam” amazingly save water by a little more than 80 percent!

         Miracle Foam” is made of soap stuff, nature-friendly and water-saving fire-extinguishing agent.

“Miracle Foam” is an fire-extinguishing agent mainly fabricated with the ingredients of soap and is capable of putting out a fire with only 1/17 amount of water compared with the conventional fire-extinguishers. It has no harmful influence on nature if it is used in case of the forest fire. There have been a lot of inquiries about this product from many local governments.

Shabondama Group
Fukuoka Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The company is well-known for selling additive-free soap which contains no chemicals such as coloring agent or scent. Its fire-extinguishing agent is of course environmental friendly.