September 11, 2016

#451. The bottom of a ship paint which stops adhesion of a barnacle by remarkable idea!

         The remarkable bottom of a ship paint of the first in the world which doesn’t make a mess on the environment in the water and improves the mileage.

The paint made difficult to thrust at a barnacle with remarkable idea at the bottom of a ship has been developed. The conventional bottom of a ship paint prevented the material which killed a creature including nitrous oxide copper with bottom paint to start underwater little by little, but just had a problem on an environment side. This new paint does not contain a toxic substance and is developed using a technique to prevent adhesion by grasping the habits of the rock barnacle. Friction with a ship and water comes to be small and it has the low fuel consumption , also it is said that the discharge of carbon dioxide (CO2) is held down than existing standard paint more than 15%.