August 12, 2016

☆004 Break Report! Paper made from stone without any wood and water.

     The world turns its eyes on LIMEX, magical paper made from stone !

LIMEX is a new type of paper made from stone with no use of wood and water. It comes from limestone, which can be found everywhere in the world, and polyolefin resin. When producing paper, normally large amount of water is consumed, but in case of LIMEX, it is not. It is well-received by people because it achieves both ecology and economy and much more user-friendly than conventional paper.

TBM Co., Ltd

Comments from Organizer

Paper and plastic products can be replaced by LIMEX and it is expected to be utilized in construction, fashion, car, medical, robotics and so many other industries. While they are in the center of the world's attention, they are now searching for agents.