July 03, 2016

#387. Leak Proof Tank for hazardous materials won the No1 market share!

         Leakage-Proof DOUBLE-WALL TANK is becoming popular across the world.

The company is manufacturing the Double-Wall Tank with its original technology of combining iron and FRP. Its market share in Japan is number one, and it is expanding its business overseas. The tank is highly evaluated as a leakage-proof tank because of its excellent safety and durability. About 370 storage tanks were adopted for radioactive contaminated water in Fukushima-1 plant after its safety and durability was acknowledged.

Tamada Industries,Inc.
Ishikawa Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

The company's storage tank, known as a leakage-proof and double-wall tank for hazardous materials, is utilized as an underground storage tank in Vietnam. Leakage-proof system helps reduce the waste of stored fuels and prevents the soil contamination.