April 15, 2020

#1174. ALASKAN Snow Legs” produced by a leading company in the pioneer of Surimi, not defeated by real crabs!

     A world-renowned Surimi “ALASKAN Snow Legs” made with advanced technology from Alaskan Pollock and Snow Crabmeat!

“ALASKAN Snow Legs” is a surimi that is not inferior to a real crab meat, taste and touch. Made from high-quality Alaskan Pollock and Snow Crabmeat, the highest-quality Surimi, made with unique technology, is used in restaurants and homes around the world. In Western sushi restaurants, Surimi is one of the essential ingredients. It is also popular as a healthy salad ingredient in Western homes. In 1972, the company developed the world’s first crab-flavored Surimi and made it a huge hit. Since then, they have been constantly improving the taste and texture until today. Initially it was a market only in Japan, but in 1982, it was adopted in the in-flight meals of United Airlines in the United States. Nowadays, it is loved by people from many countries around the world because of its ease of cooking.