February 18, 2020

#1171. The finest soy sauce acclaimed by the world-famous Michelin chefs of Europe!

     The world’s best soy sauce “Premium Ki-ippon Kuromame”, made using the best ingredients by skilled craftsmen!

“Premium Ki-ippon Kuromame” is the best soy sauce made using only the best raw materials, protecting traditional methods from ancient times. Not only in Japan, but also by Michelin chefs, who are famous in Europe, are highly praised and purchased in the world. They use “Premium Ki-ippon Kuromame” as a hidden flavor when making the sauce and add a unique flavor to the sauce. In 2014, the company established a soy sauce brewery in Bordeaux, France, famous for its winemaking, and started local production. Using carefully selected local ingredients and wooden barrels for wine, they are working on the production of high-quality soy sauce by adding the koji mold of soy sauce brought from Japan. Shipment is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2020, but now there are many reservations from prominent chefs from various countries, and the first shipment is announced to be sold out.

marushinhonke Co.,Ltd.
Wakayama Prefecture

Comments from Organizer

In modern times, traditional soy sauce making methods have not been adopted due to cost and lack of skilled craftsmen. The company has faithfully revived its traditional manufacturing method, which has led to the success of “Premium Ki-ippon Kuromame”.