November 25, 2019

#1162. Canned bread that saves world hunger!

     Effective use of delicious canned bread even after 3 years, “Kyu-Can-Cho Project”, a food reuse system with a collaboration between technological capabilities and affection that saves hunger around the world!

The “Kyu-Can-Cho Project” is a project to save the world’s hunger, led by the company that developed the world’s first canned bread. In Japan, where natural disasters are constant, stockpile foods are essential. This company started that development after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995. “PanCan”, which was completed after repeated trial and error, is an excellent product that keeps its delicious taste even after 3 years. The “Kyu-Can-Cho Project” started with the delivery of “PanCan” to victims of the 2005 Sumatra Earthquake. The “Kyu-Can-Cho Project” is now attracting worldwide attention as a food aid for disaster-affected areas and developing countries.