September 09, 2019

#1140. Breakthrough grafting technology to save the food crisis!

The world’s attention as a solution to food problems, “IPAG technology” saves the world, making it possible to produce crops that no one has ever seen!

Grafting is a method of crop improvement with a history of several thousand years. Until now, grafting has been considered impossible without plants of the same lineage. It is “iPAG technology” that broke this common sense. “IPAG technology” is an innovative technology that allows plants of the Nicotiana genus to join different strains of food. This makes grafting possible between completely different plants, and it is not a dream to produce grains that grow in arid areas such as deserts. Grafting takes advantage of the inherent properties of plants, unlike genetic engineering techniques. This sense of security is also a factor that brings the world high expectations for “IPAG technology. For the time being, it is scheduled to be used for speeding up breed improvement, and it is expected that the time required for conventional breed improvement can be reduced to about 10 years to 2 years.


Comments from Organizer

The company has successfully grafted different plants and has proven that "iPAG technology" is a realistic technology. It also holds international patents.