September 06, 2019

#1139. The world’s first tableware to return to the earth!

     A tableware with low environmental impact of sugarcane squeezed and raw materials, created by Japanese aesthetics and values, “WASARA“!

The raw material of “WASARA” is the residue left after squeezing sugar cane called Bagasse. About 100 million tons of bagasse are produced from sugar cane, which is produced about 1.2 billion tons a year. Some are used as raw materials for paper, boiler fuel, construction materials, animal feed, etc., but most are discarded. The developer of “WASARA” is a creative director who owns a pastry shop and a Japanese restaurant. “WASARA” is designed to be used in Japan and of course in the world, to enhance the cuisine and to become familiar when held in hand. In fact, “WASARA” has a form with a sense of presence that is beautiful, even when placed repeatedly. Ordinary paper cups are rounded in the mouth to keep their strength, but they are not in “WASARA”. This is because they emphasize the mouthfeel.