August 14, 2019

#1125. Magic toaster where bread is deliciously baked!

     The secret of the deliciously baked heater ”Aladdin” is the material, and it is deliciously baked with the world’s first heater material!

“Aladdin” is the world’s first oven toaster using graphite as a heater material. The taste of baked toast has become a reputation, and sales have continued to grow. The secret of the taste is in the baking speed of graphite. Ordinary toasters use Nichrome wire as the material of the heater, and Nichrome wire is only 800 degrees in 20 seconds, while “Aladdin” graphite is 1,300 degrees in only 0.2 seconds. Because of this, it is possible to cook delicious without losing the taste of materials such as toast bread. Graphite is also used for artificial satellites because of its high heat resistance. The company applied this material as a heater for an oven toaster. The proprietary technology is patented in the world.