August 05, 2019

#1118. The world’s leading maker that developed the world’s first spring roll manufacturing machine!

     The top maker of food production machine that manufacture Chinese foods such as spring rolls, dumplings and shaomais.

This company, founded in 1970, is the first company to manufacture spring rolls that has been difficult until then. Today, it is the world’s leading manufacturer of machines that automatically produce Chinese foods such as spring rolls, dumplings and shaomais, and export machines to over 40 countries worldwide. Not only the good performance of the machine but also, after-sales care for the machine is also well-received, and has gained the trust of customers all over the world. In order to improve and maintain quality and service, this company established a system to secure highly skilled employees and improve its technical capabilities, and will not carry out outsourcing of machine design, development, and production, but will conduct it internally.