July 10, 2019

#1105. “SUSHI MAKER ASM 460” which contributes to the hot topic!

     “SUSHI MAKER ASM 460” that surprises people with speed! Energy saving and cost reduction to the latest sushi robot worldwide headphone maker!

This company is a world famous audio equipment manufacturer such as headphones. Utilizing the high technology of the company, we began manufacturing sushi robots from 1984. And topics are gathered in the great technique of the latest sushi robot “SUSHI MAKER ASM 460” announced at the exhibition in February 2019. “SUSHI MAKER ASM 460” is a robot that sushi rice ball will automatically form by simply adding vinegared rice at the top. What is innovative is its superb speed that makes it possible to make fifty rice ball at a speed as fast as 51 seconds. Besides, because 50 rice balls ride on the tray at the same time, it is easy to finish it after finishing sushi stuff, which further shortens the working time. Also, the point that you can change the strength of rice according to the taste of that country is also popular. By the way, it seems that it gets harder in China and a soft grip in America.